Guy Allen - Brief Bio.

Welcome to my website. It is my hobby and my folly.

My name is Guy Allen. I have operated most of my working life as a freelance explorationist in the mineral and oil and gas industries of North America.
My formal education consists of a BSc from the University of Western Ontario, as well as graduate geology and education courses from the University of Calgary. I am qualified as a Professional Engineer in British Columbia, and as a Professional Geologist for Alberta. I hold high school teaching certificates for British Columbia, Alberta and Washington state.
I have both Canadian and U.S. citizenship.
My home is in New Westminster, British Columbia.
My exploration activities have taken me throughout Western North America, as well as Southwest England. I have also been employed as a company and stock analyst, a high school science teacher, and a junior college mathematics instructor.

I hope you enjoy my adventure novels. I welcome you comments and feedback

Life is Good
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