Where has my sweet lady gone?
What is this evil madness
That breaks into my heart and fills it with grief?
Where are those eyes that shone with a light,
And where is that smile that brightened my days?
What happened to our hopes and dreams, and
how did we lose all those plans and schemes
They were taken away with the happiness we shared
All those years of love and joy
When each day would ease into evening
With a promise of a night of love, and
I would hear your voice and wait
For your shadow in the light of the moon
Now I awake to an empty room
You are gone and yet you are here,
But the essence of you has been stolen away
By this steady decay that eats your mind
Hope is gone that you will come back
And fill our lives with all we had before
How will I ever end this grief?
You have gone and now it seems
You are just a silhouette in the memory of my dreams