Miscellaneous Haiku


the pair walk apart

their shadows come together

from the binding sun


peaceful Sunday drive

the engine lights starts blinking –

a day to forget


yellow streaks in mist

move back and forth with rhythm –

morning tennis match


the long ferry ride

a rural beauty in the sun –

sorry to go home


beautiful valley

marred with bridges, roads, buildings –

man’s desecration



one more macular needle –

a pain in the eye


head without a hat

offers homage to the sun

like gas from a marsh


I search for the sun

that was swallowed by the night –

dawn will help me seek


top down in the sun

soft wind blowing through her hair

wish her here not there


screaming, smoking tires

motors roaring as they race

on an empty street


gloomy spring rain clouds

sitting in my room alone –

books cry to be read


one more spring wildfire

the snow is barely melted –

mother nature’s joke?


with my recorder

pad of paper and pencil

harvesting haikus