Dementia Lament

It creeps in slowly, taking over each cell,
and before you know it, youíre in its grip.
Are you really changing? You never can tell,
until itís too late for this fatal trip.

When it finally comes front, itís in little things,
strange words that you say and odd tasks that you do.
You forget your keys: you lose both your rings.
The suspicions you had: they start to come true.

One day you get lost on a well-known street.
You take a wrong turn on your way to the store.
You forget the name of a close friend you meet,
then they finally decree you canít drive anymore.

Will you ever get better, youíre really not sure.
Maybe thereís hope if you take all these pills.
Surely theyíll help you and hasten a cure.
After all, isnít this just like all other ills?

Time pulls the threads to unravel your hope,
As you face this impairment your karma has sent,
A genetic malfunction that wonít let you cope
to forever endure this dementia lament